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It’s all down to a few men in New York with a love for Philly Soul and hypnotic grooves. In the early 70s they defined the club culture from scratch: DJs David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, Label bosses Mel Sheren and Neil Bogart, remixer extraordinaire Tom Moulton were instrumental in shaping a new sound that changed music forever and paved the way for house music and its many sub-genres decades later.


Today, a new scene is shaping up, updating the classic sound of Disco. Young artists like Monika in Athens, L’Imperatrice and LeonxLeon in France or No Zu in Australia are producing a fresh blend of Disco-inspired music which is neither a copy of the past glory, nor totally in line of the popular Nu-Disco genre that has flourished primarily in Northern Europe.


The WEWANTSOUNDS crew has carefully selected here the cream of this new Disco wave with the coolest tracks around and added a little nod to the heydays in the form of a rare 1976 instrumental by Sounds of Inner City from the cult West End Records label and mixed by the legendary Tom Moulton. This tasteful selection will give you a fresh insight into the Disco rebirth, pouring into the mix a huge dose of sensuality, rhythms and an irresistible craving for love… That’s Disco 2.0!


Format : CD / 2LP / Dig

Cat Nr : WWSCD3 / WWSLP3

Genre : Disco 

Disco is back! From Paris to Melbourne, Berlin or Athens, a new blend of 70s inspired disco sound is currently taking the dancefloors by storm with artists like Monika, No Zu, L’Impératrice or LeonxLeon, creating a stir on the international scene. Paying their dues to the pure form of Disco, these new artists, far from mimicking the clichés, are adding an unmistakable millennium twist to the genre. This is Disco 2.0 !

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